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I don't often read about scientific advances that give me a sense of vertigo, but it did happen recently. And no, actually, it's not the idea that we may soon be editing the genomes of human embryos, which has gotten people quite riled up [1]. It is work out of a lab working towards the same or similar goals, though: the Church lab at Harvard [2].

The article is entitled "RNA-guided gene drives can efficiently bias inheritance in wild yeast" [3]. I'm fond of saying that humans will soon be taking control of their own evolution, but the work here was a punch in the face for me regarding with how very possible that is going to be in the near future. Read more... )
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So a while back I poked some fun at people who think science fiction is supposed to be and/or used to be optimistic.

But recently I read The Windup Girl, and its pessimism annoyed me. And I had similar thoughts when reading Oryx and Crake. So I guess in some respects I can sympathize with the anti-pessimists.

It's not the pessimism per se that bothers me. Cause hey, life sucks, and then you die, and if life is relatively good that only seems to increase your sensitivity to the tiniest suckitude. I'm cool with that. But I feel like these novels are pessimistic about the wrong things. And wrong about what they judge optimistically, as well. Read more... )


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